Intelligent DNS

NS1’s intelligent DNS is about bringing real-time, automated traffic routing to your application architecture

The NS1 DNS platform is purpose built to meet the demands of modern application delivery on today’s internet. The technology signals a dramatic shift in how dynamic, distributed applications can be delivered online. NS1’s DNS is real time data driven: it constantly ingests and processes telemetry about the state of your systems and the internet at large, routing your end users to the optimal delivery endpoint in accordance with the unique requirements of your application and business logic. With NS1’s powerful and easy to use Filter Chain technology, it’s a simple point and click affair to configure complex, tailor-made routing algorithms.

Giving you total control over your traffic delivery

You know your infrastructure best, and chances are you’re already carefully monitoring the health and usage of your systems. NS1’s Data Feed technology works with major monitoring providers and even your own tools to ingest application health and infrastructure telemetry, leveraging real-time data to drive traffic management and service optimization.