Hybrid Dedicated + Managed DNS

NS1 offers the only comprehensive solution for solving both private and managed DNS challenges in a single, unified platform

In the past, enterprises have addressed external DNS and internal DNS separately. This siloed approach creates added cost and complexity. Now with the NS1 platform, enterprises can converge their private and managed DNS on a single, next-generation DNS platform and gain from the operational simplicity and power that NS1 delivers.

Seamless “dual-network” Hybrid DNS

Use your private, Dedicated NS1 deployment in conjunction with our world-class, globally deployed Managed DNS network and gain high availability assurance from a redundant DNS delivery infrastructure. All the advantages of redundancy and failover without the complexity of managing separate DNS systems.

Next-Generation Capabilities

Take advantage of advanced capabilities including real-time data feeds into both DNS networks, all managed through the NS1 portal or easy to use APIs.

Secure and Always On

Your private DNS network and the NS1 core network are fully isolated on the delivery side. If your DNS network is under concerted attack, we’ll keep delivering from our core network and your users will never notice.