Load Shedding

Put out fires before they happen with intelligent load shedding

Infrastructure can be more than just up or down: it can be at capacity but still servicing current connections well. It can thrash and flap, or it can even be underutilized.

A binary approach to resource management can be dangerous – marking a resource as failed means that the infrastructure can’t be utilized in any further way. Pulling a node that’s functional but nearly overloaded can lead to cascading failures as all of your traffic is firehosed at the next-in-line datacenter.

Dictate routing policy based on real metrics coming from your networks and servers

The NS1 platform allows you to gracefully redistribute user traffic while maintaining excellent user experience. The load shedding Filter automatically adjusts the flow of traffic in real-time, based on telemetry coming directly from your endpoints or application. Load shedding is easy to implement: use one of our third party Data Feeds or leverage the NS1 API to push us metrics on the state of your systems, and for every single DNS query we receive we’ll look at the numbers in order to make sure we’re not overloading any of your infrastructure.