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Enterprise Network Resource Management

Dynamic networks require real-time, automated provisioning of resources

NS1's enterprise DDI simplifies management of DNS, DHCP, IP address and traffic management resources across your entire network in a centralized, cloud-native, software defined manner.

The World of IT Has Changed

Traditional network resource management tools can not keep up with the demands of the modern distributed, enterprise environment. Networks are more dynamic than ever: the lifespan of devices connected to the network has shifted from months and years to minutes. Provisioning and de-provisioning resources and compute requires a more stringent tracking of device activity and availability.

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Enterprise Environments Grow Increasingly Complex and Distributed

  • Organizations are increasingly turning to hybrid cloud solutions - it's a $120B market and growing. Hybrid cloud requires visibility on the IP and DNS stack throughout the entire environment.

Benefits to Modernizing Network Resource Management

Minimize complexity in managing distributed applications architectures and network resources with agile, software-defined solutions that enable you to automate and scale.

Improve Visibility

Maintain visibility where workloads and services run, in real-time, within dynamic and distributed application footprints.

Simplify Management

Managing network resources, especially IP addresses, manually in spreadsheets or other static, siloed inventories is untenable and is no longer sufficient for modern digital enterprises.

Increase Efficiency

Improve efficiency and agility of DevOps/NetOps teams by enabling automation and orchestration at internet scale, from the distributed edge to the cloud and beyond.

Modernize Network Resource Management Workflows with NS1

Our solutions enable you to simplify management of core network services, deliver and manage critical network services for external and internal application infrastructure, and efficiently deploy updates within your existing administrative workflows.

Key Features That Simplify Network Resource Management

Meet the needs of dynamic and software-defined network environments with our agile solutions that provide a uniform way to automate network services without leading to additional complexity.

API-First Architecture

Our solutions integrate with key automation and orchestration tools, allowing you to deploy and maintain resources at scale.

Toolkit Integrations

Integrate with existing DevOps and NetOps workflows to streamline management and deployment of core network assets.

Centralized, Cloud-Based Management

Manage network resources across heterogenous network footprints through our consistent, uniform user interface - NS1 Connect.

Our Cloud-Native Network Services Streamline Resource Management

Centrally managed, software defined network services, such as DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (IPAM) - also known as DDI - for distributed, cloud-connected organizations.

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Manage Network Resources at the Edge with Cisco and NS1

NS1 CEO Kris Beevers and Anoop Vetteh, VP Product Management of Enterprise Switching and Software Solutions at Cisco, discuss the new integration between NS1's Enterprise DDI solution and Cisco Catalyst 9300 and 9400.

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