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Intelligent Application Traffic Steering

Automatically balance application performance with capacity and cost.

NS1 extends simple, powerful, intelligent traffic management to all your external and internal applications by optimizing your global and local application traffic.

Deliver Applications Reliably Without Sacrificing Speed

Modern applications can't afford downtime from outages or DDoS attacks. Geographical and infrastructural distribution are effective ways to ensure high performance and high resilience - but can come at the price of higher latency, as cross-infrastructure applications require an independent source for organization.

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Audiences Have Zero Tolerance for Slow and Unreliable Experiences

  • 1 in 4 customers will abandon a website if it takes longer than 4 seconds to load
  • Any gaming latency over 75 milliseconds causes player actions to fall out of sync with the game, destroying the user experience
  • Call and support centers risk immediately losing revenue if agents working remotely experience VPN and connectivity issues
  • According to Gartner, 33% of businesses report that an hour of downtime costs their business $1-5 million

Benefits to Intelligent Traffic Steering

Geographical and infrastructural distribution have proven to be the most efficient method of ensuring high performance and high resilience. Seamlessly steer traffic across your distributed environment with data-driven traffic steering.

Optimize End-User Experience

Use real-time telemetry about conditions across your network for data-driven traffic steering, minimizing the impact of outages or downtime on your end-users.

Improve Cost Efficiency

Build routing policies that take into account provider commits and capacity, allowing you to optimize for both cost and performance.

Simplify Traffic Management

Connect distributed audiences across diverse and complex environments - from the data center to the cloud to the edge - with API-first traffic steering and management solutions.

Optimize Application Delivery Performance with Intelligent Traffic Steering From NS1

Create consistency in the chaos for your audiences with evidence- and measurement-based routing and resolution decisions, allowing distributed applications to be accessed at the highest performance and lowest latency possible.

Key Features

We provide an independent and infrastructure-agnostic destination selection for each connecting user, allowing high performance connectivity without compromise. Our patented NS1 Filter Chain™ technology and powerful policy engines allow for real-time telemetry to make intelligent routing decisions that provide optimal user experiences.

Monitor User Performance in Real-Time

Our solutions consume diverse real-time telemetry about internet, infrastructure, and network conditions, as well as your own business policies, to make intelligent application traffic steering decisions at the DNS layer.

Simple Yet Powerful Traffic Steering with Filter Chains™

Make intelligent routing decisions with our friendly yet powerful policy builder - no coding required.

Optimize Multi-CDN Strategies

We provide an independent and infrastructure agnostic destination selection for each connecting user, allowing high performance connectivity without compromise. Learn more about multi-CDN strategies for your business.

Application Traffic Optimization Solutions from NS1

Intelligent and automated application traffic steering both inside and outside your organization through our VPN Traffic Steering, Pulsar Active Traffic Steering, and Global Traffic Management solutions.

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Using Intelligent Traffic Steering to Deliver the Super Bowl

James Royalty, Principal Engineer at NS1, provides an in-depth look at how Pulsar, our intelligent traffic steering solution, was used to deliver the livestream of the 2020 Super Bowl to a record sized audience.

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