Industry Solutions

No matter what industry you’re in, NS1 delivers the speed, reliability, and control that improves application delivery while making your business more productive, profitable and competitive. Take a look at just some of the industries we serve

Advertising Technology

When speed and reliability are a top priority, Ad Tech companies turn to NS1’s next-generation platform and global anycasted network to keep their business moving.

Retail & E-Commerce

If you’re doing business online, every millisecond counts. The NS1 platform has the speed and reliability you need to deliver a flawless, always-on end user experience.


Your business is digital and your savvy users expect the best performance. NS1 provides the advanced capabilities, speed, and flexibility you need to keep your business at the front of the pack.

Service Companies

When failure is not an option, NS1’s next-generation platform delivers the robust capabilities, rock solid network, and always on reliability that keeps your business moving.

Gaming, Media & Entertainment

When you need to move high velocity, rich media content to a geographically distributed user base, NS1 delivers with the fastest, most powerful intelligent DNS & traffic management solution available.

Software & SaaS

You are a mission critical part of your customer’s business, that is why software and SaaS providers turn to NS1 to drive application performance and deliver a brilliant end user experience.

Some of the best-known brands in the world trust NS1 to deliver the speed & performance they need to stay ahead of the pack.

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