Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code simplifies the application deployment process and eliminates manual work required to provision new infrastructure.

Infrastructure as Code (IAC) enables application developers to automatically provision infrastructure using code vs. using manual processes or ad hoc scripts. Because it simplifies the application deployment process and eliminates manual work, IAC initiatives are designed to eliminate errors, speed up the application delivery process, and reduce overhead costs. 

Automating and integrating DNS into your DevOps ecosystem can help you scale your business

Cutting edge initiatives like IAC have fundamentally changed the way applications are built and deployed. However, for many organizations, the management of DNS has not kept pace. Automating DNS configurations into your continuous delivery and IAC initiatives builds incredible efficiencies into your development and delivery processes, helps reduce errors caused by manual configuration, and makes the cloud even more scalable. APIs and integrations are key to making this work because they provide an efficient way to leverage the broader DevOps ecosystem, resulting in seamless application development, deployment, and delivery processes.

NS1 can help you meet your Infrastructure as Code goals

The ability to automatically spin up infrastructure anywhere, anytime delivers incredible value for the business and directly impacts both the top line and bottom line. NS1's Intelligent DNS and Traffic Management Platform is ideal for organizations who want to build DNS into their DevOps ecosystem and fills a major gap in their IAC initiatives.