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Managing device groups – NS1 Help Center

Oct 15, 2021 ... Device groups are collections of devices, and you can use these groups to allow or deny access to DHCP services based on the MAC address...

FAQ: How do I request custom filters? – NS1 Help Center

Mar 18, 2021 ... NS1 is constantly developing new filter algorithms. One of the best ways for us to decide what to work on next is by submitting feedback...

Deleting a route map – NS1 Help Center

May 17, 2021 ... If you are no longer using a route map, you can delete it. When you delete a route map, the route map is removed from any associated...

General – NS1 Help Center

... Pulsar filters · About Pulsar Active Traffic Steering (How it works) · Viewing Pulsar decisions, availability, & performance · NS1 Help Center.

Enabling HipChat notifications – NS1 Help Center

Jul 8, 2019 ... NS1 now offers up/down monitoring alerts delivered via HipChat. Step 1: Create the notification token in HipChat Log in to your...

Dedicated DNS Implementation Guide [pdf download] – NS1 Help ...

Apr 27, 2020 ... ... Managing URL forwarding (URLFWD) records · Guide to keyboard shortcuts in the NS1 portal · About API rate limiting · NS1 Help Center.

Managing scheduled reports of activity – NS1 Help Center

Sep 29, 2021 ... The activity log is a valuable source of information that can tell you more about the monitoring jobs, scope groups, records, and other...

Open Source Notice: Private DNS v2.0+ – NS1 Help Center

Aug 20, 2019 ... Please refer to the attached document for the Open Source Notice for Private DNS version 2.0+.

Filtering devices within a scope group – NS1 Help Center

Oct 14, 2021 ... For example, your organization dedicates a range of IP addresses to its printers in New Jersey. You can enable device filtering at the scope ...

Obtaining & uploading TLS certificates – NS1 Help Center

Jan 26, 2021 ... There are three methods to obtain TLS certificates for use with NS1 DDI: Obtaining via a public or internal Certificate Authority (CA) ...

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