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FAQs – NS1 Help Center

... FAQs: Understanding secondary zones · What is the difference between CNAME and ALIAS records? FAQ: How do I request custom filters? NS1 Help Center.

Single sign-on (SSO) troubleshooting – NS1 Help Center

Jun 12, 2020 ... The most common use cause of SSO login failure is an incorrect user mapping within the identify provider. If you're experiencing issues with ...

FAQs: Integrations – NS1 Help Center

FAQs: Integrations. Follow New articles New articles and comments · How do I request a third-party integration? NS1 Help Center.

Editing admin contact information – NS1 Help Center

Jun 10, 2021 ... To update the main contact information associated with your account: Log in to the NS1 portal (via Click your...

Cloud-Managed DDI – NS1 Help Center

Other sections in this category · Dedicated DNS · Managed DNS · Cloud-Managed DDI · DDI (on-prem) ...

Single Sign-On (SSO) – NS1 Help Center

More Sections in this Category. General settings · Security settings · Legal · Users & teams · API keys · Billing (Managed/Dedicated DNS only) ...

Additional metadata filter – NS1 Help Center

Mar 18, 2021 ... NOTECurrently, this feature is only available via NS1 API. Typically, NS1 users associate metadata with DNS answers and apply Filter...

Configuration – NS1 Help Center

Other sections in this category · Configuration · Route maps · General · Data collection ...

Applying a Pulsar job to a DNS answer – NS1 Help Center

Jun 3, 2021 ... After creating Pulsar applications and jobs, you must apply the Pulsar job to the corresponding DNS answer via the answer metadata. Once...

Account FAQs – NS1 Help Center

Other sections in this category. General settings · Security settings · API keys · Billing (Managed/Dedicated DNS only) · Account FAQs · Usage statistics ...

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