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VPN Traffic Steering

Superior Availability, Performance, and Optimization

Remote work has been growing dramatically and changed VPN demand and usage patterns. Enterprises rely on VPNs to provide seamless connectivity to remote employees without compromising security. But what happens when these VPNs become less performant due to unpredictable spikes in demand?

Are Stressed VPN Networks Adversely Impacting Your Business?

VPNs are designed to provide remote access to a small proportion of corporate employees. However, some companies now have 100% of employees working remotely, which is overwhelming VPNs and degrading performance. Some users are not able to connect, while others wait an excessive amount of time for a connection.

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Leverage Innovative Traffic Management to Boost VPN Performance & Availability

With NS1 traffic steering policies, remote users are sent to the optimal, healthy VPN site that has the most capacity. This vastly improves VPN availability, performance, and optimization over basic round-robin load balancing or having employees randomly choose from a provided list of VPN sites.

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Provide a Top-Notch VPN Experience to Your Teams

NS1’s intelligent traffic routing helps manage increasing VPN demand. Rather than adding capacity individually at each VPN site as limits are reached, NS1 automatically balances incoming connections across the entire available VPN network. As a result, organizations can improve remote user’s connection experience while getting the most of their existing VPN investment.

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API-first architecture

API-first architecture empowers DevOps teams to automatically integrate DNS changes into their deployment processes, dramatically improving speed & mitigating downtime.

Anycasted Network

Achieve maximum reliability and blazing fast performance with the industry's only Managed DNS service in China that overcomes performance challenges caused by the Great Firewall

Clever and Easy traffic Management

Exceed users' expectations, and automate your processes with a perfectly-tailored Managed DNS solution that customizes your DNS answers for every user, everywhere, based on your organization's goals

Achieve Efficiency and Automate with APIs & Integrations

Built with developers in mind, NS1 Managed DNS easily integrates into your DevOps ecosystem via our APIs and turnkey integrations with your stack.

Let Data Do the Work

Leverage user, network, infrastructure, & application data to make real time traffic routing decisions based on network health, geography, system capacity, bandwidth commits, and much more.

Monitoring and Reporting

Gain insight and explore your DNS configuration to optimize and troubleshoot networking issues throughout your stack with a full set of statistics and comprehensive reports.

Boost VPN Performance and Reliability

Your VPN plays an essential role in securing your remote workforce. Check out our on-demand webinar to learn how you can optimize your VPN infrastructure with intelligent traffic steering to help keep your remote workforce connected, productive, and secure.

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