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NS1 Private DNS: A Self-Hosted DNS Solution

First, What is Private DNS?

Private DNS is a software only DNS product solving the performance, traffic management and automation challenges of modern enterprises. It's massively scalable, automated, fast and smart, and built with the same next-generation technology proven and trusted by the biggest brands on the Internet. Find out what NS1's private DNS solution can do for your business:

Features and Benefits of Private DNS Hosting:

Eliminate Deployment Delays in DevOps

DevOps teams are delivering code more than 40 times faster than traditional application development, so they need DNS that can keep up with their velocity. With outdated DNS, DNS changes can take hours - or even days - to propagate. Only NS1’s next-generation Private DNS automatically propagates DNS changes in seconds to eliminate the risk of broken applications and user experiences. NS1’s API-first architecture also empowers DevOps teams to automatically integrate DNS changes into their deployment processes, dramatically improving speed and mitigating downtime. Built-in integrations with the most widely used infrastructure-as-code tools used by DevOps teams, such as Terraform and Ansible, ensure reliable, secure deployment changes without the delays and “friction” of traditional processes

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Private DNS Allows for Fast DNS Service Discovery

Service discovery is critical in elastic, dynamic infrastructures and cloud based microservices. Private DNS achieves DNS Service Discovery with the speed and immense capacity needed to keep up with rapid change in modern infrastructure.

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Seamless Deployment in a Containerized Solution

Interest in microservices and containers has never been higher. The rapid propagation of constantly connected microservices may simplify code, but it also increases infrastructure complexity and coordination. Private DNS software is container ready, allowing for seamless deployment into your containerized environment.

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Traffic Management and DNS Load Balancing

As your architecture becomes more complex and you leverage more diverse cloud services, you need better traffic management to application endpoints. NS1's private DNS has the most comprehensive and easy-to-use traffic management capabilities in the industry, giving you hundreds of ways to orchestrate application delivery.

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Get DNS Sprawl Under Control

If you’re like a typical enterprise, you have an assortment of outdated DNS technology due to acquisitions, decentralized purchasing, or the adoption of other services that bundle basic DNS. This DNS hodgepodge creates risk and inefficiency, and prevents you from using the automation, performance and traffic management capabilities of next generation DNS. Private DNS makes it easy to consolidate DNS solutions into one, and greatly improves your team’s ability to innovate and automate.

Private DNS Get DNS Sprawl Under Control

Eliminate Bottlenecks with Massive API Capacity

Enterprises are rapidly deploying applications into cloud infrastructures at unprecedented levels of connectivity and scale. At the heart of these connections are API calls – which now outstrip the capacity of outdated enterprise DNS systems to keep up. Private DNS is specifically tailored for enterprises driving a wave of cloud and other digital modernization initiatives – with 10-100x API capacity and a reduction in propagation times from hours to seconds.

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Our Private DNS Plans:

NS1’s Private DNS orchestrates application deployment and delivery at massive scale to drive your business further, faster.

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Explore Our Services

Along with best-in-class support, NS1 gladly offers expert migration and optimization services for Private DNS.

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