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Software-defined DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) for the Cloud Era

Enterprise grade, cloud-native network services, anywhere

We provide the only enterprise-scale software defined, cloud-native DDI solution that delivers modern DNS, DHCP and IPAM anywhere; from the edge to the core.

Cloud-native network services for today's enterprise environment

Mobile/connected devices and distributed workforces powered by cloud and edge computing present deployment, performance and availability requirements beyond the reach of centralized infrastructures.

Our software-defined, cloud-native DDI solution delivers a modern, reliable, high-performance foundation that removes the barriers posed by traditional, centralized, hardware-centric DDI architectures.

Deliver Network Services Where They Are Needed

Fully harness the power, scale and flexibility of software to connect devices and deliver applications at any number of locations across your heterogeneous network footprint. It can be deployed across your entire infrastructure, and horizontally scaled up and down. Simplify IT by centrally deploying, managing and monitoring from one pane of glass.

Enable the Smart, Distributed Edge

Simplify device connectivity and application access at the edge while ensuring fast, reliable application experiences with our cloud-native architecture so you can elastically scale capacity as your device count grows. Local survivability is ensured through autonomously operating software-defined instances at the edge, and we apply internal traffic management policies via our patented Filter Chains™ technology.

Turbocharge Your Digital Transformation

Our solutions are built with an API-first approach, making them ideal for modern DevOps teams. With 100+ integrations to help you automate network services, our high-performance API framework allows you to automate any part of your workflow, as well as use consistent workflows across internal and external application delivery to simplify management.

How We Are Different

We bring our unmatched expertise in managing application traffic for the world’s largest companies to turbocharge your internal applications and connect your devices and employees, wherever they are.

We Are Truly Cloud-Native

Cloud, edge, mobile, connected devices and more require decentralized network services. We developed the only true cloud-native software defined DDI solution that can deliver these services anywhere they are needed; from the edge to the cloud.

We Build at Internet Scale

Our next generation platform brings you the best of all worlds: enterprise grade performance, reliability and security with the flexibility of software, the simplicity of centralized management and automation, and the power of intelligent application traffic steering.

We Embrace NetOps And DevOps

Transformative operations teams are required to move at cloud speed and efficiency. We provide all the tools and integrations that allow NetOps and DevOps teams to deploy, orchestrate and dynamically scale DDI as part of their modern infrastructure and application architectures.

NS1 Integrates with Cisco Catalyst 9300 and 9400 Enterprise Edge Switches

NS1 customers can now deploy DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) at the distributed edge, such as regional, branch and remote offices. Customers can deploy NS1's foundational network services atop existing network equipment - reducing costs, security risks, and simplifying management.

How to Modernize Your Enterprise's DDI Experience with NS1

How to Modernize Your Enterprise's DDI Experience with NS1

Enterprise-Grade Performance and Reliability, Anywhere

NS1 provides the only true software-only DDI solution that can be deployed, scaled and managed in a consistent manner at enterprise scale across your heterogeneous network footprint.

Software defined 2x

Next Generation Platform For Internal and External Applications

Our global DNS network delivers exceptional end-user experiences for the world’s largest organizations. Our DDI software is built on the same next generation DNS platform with modern IPAM, DHCP, and integrated application traffic steering.

Flexible Deployment and Automation to Simplify ITOps

Consistently deploy and manage across on-premises, public cloud and private cloud environments. Enable network automation and direct integrations with technologies like Terraform and Ansible and our comprehensive catalog of APIs with supported client libraries for Python, Javascript, Go, and PHP.

Local Survivability

NS1’s lightweight, small footprint solution means that DNS and DHCP services can be integrated on appliances, servers, and even switches at branch locations without additional hardware overhead, and can operate independently at the edge without downtime in the event of WAN disruption.

Cloud, Toolkit, CI/CD, and Ecosystem Integrations

We enable NetOps teams to deploy infrastructure and DevOps teams to roll out new features faster, while avoiding operational bottlenecks and delays, through our integrations with popular cloud frameworks as well as a variety of commonly used solutions and toolkits.

Toolkit 2x

Make Your NetOps and DevOps Teams More Agile

Spin up DDI instances in minutes with our API-first architecture and cloud-native integrations. Empower your NetOps teams to safely provide self-service capabilities to DevOps. Enable faster infrastructure deployments by integrating DNS management into CI/CD pipelines.

Cloud Agility and Efficiency With Optimized Cost

Maximize your returns on cloud investments with unified service discovery and visibility of services in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments, fast change propagation and centralized management. Automate service discovery in microservices environments through our integrations with tools like Hashi Consul, K8 DNS, AWS RTE53*, GCP DNS* and Azure DNS*.

Orchestrate Multi-cloud and Hybrid Cloud Environments

NS1 is the only vendor that can provide comprehensive services for external and internal applications through our DDI and SaaS-based Managed DNS solutions. Use one centrally-managed DNS platform for multi-cloud VPCs and on-prem. Deploy DNS serving nodes in the cloud and on-prem, with containerized endpoints located where needed.

Advanced Application Traffic Management

Managing application traffic doesn’t have to be complex. Our patented Filter Chain™ technology enables advanced traffic steering policies with a few clicks based on location, weights, availability, stickiness and load to optimally manage internal and external applications. Leverage configuration, topology and infrastructure data through our integrations to automatically route traffic away from poor performing resources, manage canary and blue/ green deployments, or reduce the risk when migrating applications

Active traffic steering 2x

Improve Performance of Internal and External Applications

Provide the best possible user experience by routing traffic based on load and proximity to the requesting client, and managing peak demand by balancing across private and public cloud environments.

Reduce Downtime and Improve Availability

We help you ensure uninterrupted access to internal applications, web servers, FTP servers, and more by automatically detecting and routing traffic away from non-functioning servers.

Efficiently Manage Application Roll-outs

Effectively manage the roll-out of mission-critical applications such as ERP, custom databases, and custom applications by intelligently allocating traffic across different production and test environments.

Integrated Security and Access Controls

We built our solutions with a security ethos. Our DDI solution provides integrated security, access controls and DNSSEC support. It also seamlessly integrates with Cisco Umbrella to enable effective DNS security inside and outside the firewall.

Integrated security 2x

Enforce Zero Trust Security Principles

Our core-edge architecture ensures that your DDI infrastructure adheres to zero trust security principles by avoiding hole punching on internal firewalls. Our Edge nodes can call home for any changes and inform the Core node for any updates.

Implement Granular Access Control

We built our management framework with integrated SSO, two-factor authentication, role based access controls and audit logs to give you maximum control over regulating administrative access.

Improve Client Visibility and Reduce MTTR

NS1 has partnered with Cisco Umbrella to simplify identifying infected clients and make it easy for SecOps to respond to malicious activity detected by Cisco Umbrella.

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