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Cloud-Managed Enterprise DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) for the Distributed Enterprise

What is DDI?

DDI is shorthand for the combination of DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (IP address management). Modern DDI software allows for the integration of these three main components into one unified and centrally managed solution, and is the foundation for all forms of communication on an IP network.

We provide the only internet-scale, cloud-native DDI solution that delivers modern DNS and DHCP anywhere, with centralized IPAM in the cloud; from the edge to the core.

Cloud-Native Core Network Services for Today's Distributed Enterprise Environment

Build resilience and accelerate digital transformation with NS1 Cloud-Managed DDI

Deploy Core Network Services in Seconds - From the Edge to the Cloud

Connect devices and deliver applications at any number of locations across distributed, hybrid network environments through our unified platform, NS1 Connect.

Minimize Downtime and Improve Network Resilience

Distributed locations can operate independently even if connectivity to central service hubs is disrupted.

Simplify DevOps and NetOps with Flexible Deployments and Automation

DevOps and NetOps teams gain the automation and integrations they need to operate in an agile manner and incorporate "infrastructure as code" into their CI/CD pipelines.

Why You Need a Cloud-First Approach to DDI

On-premise core network services haven't and can't keep up with new technology paradigms like cloud computing, microservices architectures, IOT/OT, new operating models like DevOps, NetOps, and new cloud-centric commercial models.

Traditionally, DDI was deployed in appliances and scaled vertically rather than horizontally - and therefore less efficient and elastic. They're unable to provide the flexibility for local compute and autonomy, with centralized control at the distributed edge, that modern network configurations require.

Improve IT Efficiency and Modernize Infrastructure 01

Key Features and Benefits

Cloud-Managed DDI reduces the complexity of delivering core network services for highly distributed enterprises while providing secure, reliable services at the enterprise or cloud edge, all managed from a cloud-based portal.

Cloud-Native Approach

Easily scale infrastructure up or down in sync with business needs and objectives - no hardware required

Zero Touch Provisioning

Automate provisioning of devices for centralized policy control

Fleet Management

Automatically deploy, upgrade, and downgrade network services for multiple edge locations from the cloud portal

Automated Workflows

Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge tools for workflow automation like ServiceNow, network and server monitoring (AWS CloudWatch, Catchpoint, Datadog, Monitis), log analysis, and visualization tools

Local Survivability

Local sites can connect to the cloud directly, enabling local DNS resolution with no dependence on headquarters

Securely and Reliably Deliver Network Services and Applications

Enforce security policies with response policy zones (RPZs), access controls and DNSSEC support. Enhance visibility and control with our Cisco Umbrella integration.

Simplified Management of Multi-Cloud Environments with CloudSync

Improve visibility with a single pane of glass for DNS and IPAM-based network resources in multi-cloud environments, reducing complexity and improving network reliability

Advanced Application Traffic Management

Optimize performance and availability of applications by connecting to the healthiest endpoint using our patented Filter Chain™ technology

Centralized Visibility with Granular Access Control

Centralized, cloud-based management portal with access controls to delegate administrative privileges

Manage Internal and External Network Services in One Platform

NS1 Connect provides a single portal for deploying, configuring, and monitoring NS1 solutions such as DDI and Managed DNS across your entire network footprint. You can also integrate your own data sources and control points to maximize the effectiveness of our intelligence, response, and visibility capabilities. NS1 Connect includes a secure, single-sign-on portal with granular access controls to provide a centralized control plane for DNS and network services.

NS1 Connect 3x

Connect and Protect Enterprise Networks with Cisco and NS1

The combination of NS1 and Cisco provides a modern platform for high performance application delivery across the enterprise, with security that seals off the communication pathways that attackers rely on.

Integrated security 2x

Enhance Network Visibility and Control with Cloud-Managed DDI and Cisco Umbrella

Enable effective DNS security inside and outside the firewall.

Why Work with NS1?

We bring our unmatched expertise in managing application traffic for the world’s largest companies to turbocharge your internal applications and connect your devices and employees, wherever they are.

We Are Truly Cloud-Native

Cloud, edge, mobile, connected devices and more require decentralized network services. We developed the only true cloud-native, software-defined DDI solution that can deliver these services anywhere they are needed; from the edge to the cloud.

We Build at Internet Scale

Our next generation platform brings you the best of all worlds: enterprise grade performance, reliability and security with the flexibility of software, the simplicity of centralized management and automation, and the power of intelligent application traffic steering.

We Embrace NetOps And DevOps

Transformative operations teams are required to move at cloud speed and efficiency. We provide all the tools and integrations that allow NetOps and DevOps teams to deploy, orchestrate and dynamically scale DDI solutions as part of their modern infrastructure and application architectures.

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