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DNS & Application Traffic Management for the Hyperconnected Enterprise

Connects customers to your business

A SaaS solution that includes resilient, secure and scalable managed DNS, global server load balancing, and active traffic steering to deliver applications anywhere with speed, efficiency, and reliability.

NS1 DNS & Application Traffic Management

Managed DNS

A global DNS network with built-in redundancy, DDoS protection, enterprise-grade security, DNSSEC support, and comprehensive UI and API-based management capabilities

DNS for China

Gain performance and speed in China with our fully managed DNS network with points of presence at Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, and Shenzhen and with connectivity to China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile.

Global Traffic Management

Build sophisticated traffic management policies such for load balancing, load shedding, failover, latency routing, and geographic routing with an intuitive and codefree interface.

Pulsar Active Traffic Steering

Direct your users to the best delivery location for streaming, edge, and multi-CDN environments using real-time user monitoring and customizable routing logic to optimize performance and cost.

Dedicated DNS

Physically and logically separated DNS network provisioned as a single tenant instance wherever you need it.

VPN Traffic Steering

Simple, powerful software based traffic management to provide your employees and users with performant and reliable global remote access.

NS1 Technology Platform

Built on a modern technology platform, our solutions provide a consistent experience, comprehensive capabilities, reliability, and security across your infrastructure.

Technology platform detailed

Modernize Deployment

  • Mitigate the impact of outages with secure, platform independent primary and secondary DNS
  • Retire legacy appliances and migrate to software defined infrastructure
  • Implement infrastructure on demand

Modernize Connectivity

  • Optimize performance and availability through global traffic management
  • Orchestrate application access across cloud environments and microservices
  • Extend network services to distributed networks, edge and IOT/OT environments.

Modernize Delivery

  • Intelligently harness internet and infrastructure data to steer internal and external application traffic
  • Optimize traffic flows in multi-CDN environments
  • Deliver large scale streaming experiences
Converged Application and Access Networking

Converged Application and Access Networking

DNS Resiliency and Security, Wherever You Need It

Our solutions can be deployed as your primary or secondary DNS solution. Our Dedicated DNS solution provides a full-featured, physically, and logically separate infrastructure just for you. Our infrastructure is hardened against DDoS attacks and features integrated security including DNSSEC.

DNS DNS Resiliency Security compressed compressed

Built for Automation

Our solutions were built with an API-first approach making it easy for modern IT teams to automate operational tasks using standard tools. They also integrate with a variety of toolkits and platforms to improve the overall performance and effectiveness of your infrastructure.

DNS Built for Automation compressed

Telemetry based routing for performance and availability

Our patented Filter ChainsTM technology gives you hundreds of options to precisely manage your traffic flows through a simple point-and-click interface. Our platform ingests infrastructure and internet data making it easy to load balance everything from VPN access to cloud workloads and advanced live streaming and multi-CDN traffic.

DNS Telemetry Based Routing compressed

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Built on a modern, API-first architecture, NS1 DNS and Application Traffic Management is a SaaS-based solution that helps enterprises to realize dramatic gains in user experience, IT efficiency and application reliability

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