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Transform your DNS into an intelligent & automated system in your application delivery stack

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Use our next-generation DNS solutions to make your applications more resilient, performant and easier to manage today, and as you build for the future.

The NS1 DNS platform is unlike any other DNS solution. It has a new, modern foundation designed to help you manage dynamic and distributed applications. NS1 is API first, full of security features, highly scalable and intelligent in real time: we constantly ingest and process telemetry about the state of your systems, your network or the Internet at large, routing your end users to the optimal delivery endpoint according to the unique rules of your application and business logic.

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Next-Generation DNS Products

Next-generation technology featuring the industry's only modern API, the most traffic routing possibilities and rock-solid security, offered in three deployment models

Next-Generation DNS Platform

Introducing NS1 Domain Security Suite

The Domain Security Suite from NS1 is a turnkey package of DNS services and capabilities designed to keep your business and your customers safe from DNS exploitation.

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  • Switching DNS providers
  • Adding a second DNS
  • Changing your infrastructure
  • Optimizing application delivery
  • Digging for cost-savings
  • Need round-the-clock support

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