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December 14, 2021

NS1’s Managed DNS Ranked as Top Solution by IT Central Station

Users say top benefits include low latency, advanced traffic management and automation capabilities, aggressive pricing, and time and cost reductions for management and maintenance

NEW YORK — December 14, 2021 NS1, the leader in application traffic intelligence and automation, today announced that it is IT Central Station’s top-ranked Managed DNS solution, ahead of 15 companies in the category. IT Central Station users rated NS1’s Managed DNS 4.8 out of 5 stars, and cite the top benefits as low latency, advanced traffic management and automation capabilities, aggressive pricing, and time and cost reductions for management and maintenance.

“Achieving IT Central Station’s top ranking based on reviews by NS1 users validates the investments NS1 has made into both product development and customer support,” said Brian Zeman, chief operating officer, NS1. “We understand the pressure that network and operations teams face in delivering performant and resilient application experiences, so we are constantly innovating to bring to market new capabilities that yield substantial value for our customers.”

NS1’s software-defined core network services provide the intelligence, automation, and agility required to support applications at the enterprise distributed edge. Recent innovation focused on products and services that simplify deployment and management, improve network visibility, and enable performance and cost optimization.

The company’s modern infrastructure solutions support more than 850 organizations worldwide, including many of the most trafficked internet and enterprise applications, such as Uber, Salesforce, LinkedIn, AmerisourceBergen, Sky Arabia, and VMware. NS1 maintains a customer retention rate of 95%. With a Net Promoter Score of 78, the company remains in the top tier among software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies.

Some highlights from the IT Central Station reviews of NS1 include::

“The fact that it’s an API-first platform for DNS and application traffic management is one of the reasons we looked into NS1. We use it for a lot of automation and metrics gathering and it's been great. Our ROI comes from the fact that it has been stable and we've had to spend less time on it than we did with third-party integrations and other solutions that we've purchased. It's more of a set-it-and-forget-it type of platform, which is extremely valuable." – Media company SRE

“We don't have any problems with scalability. Our edge network is growing. So, every year, we add more and more points of presence to our edge network. It means that we need to add more zones for us... It is easy to scale the solution.” – Computer software company engineering manager

“If someone says they don't need to spend money on a solution like this because they have a free cloud provider or basic DNS, I would say you get what you pay for and that you're also paying for the time and energy you have to put in, yourself, to do the work. Perhaps one of the biggest wins for NS1 is that people don't readily know their name at times. That means they're doing a good job and people don't even think about who our DNS provider is because it just works. I would say use NS1, without hesitation.” – Media company SRE

“The most critical thing that we look at, rather than the response time, is the time for propagation, and that's been very good. The solution has also massively reduced DNS maintenance work in our company. The way we were set up a long time ago was that we would maintain things by ourselves, and now we don't do anything along those lines. For the external DNS, we do about 10 percent of the amount of work that we did previously. That's a huge improvement. The amount of maintenance has gone down significantly and our maintenance cost is down by at least 70%, for the external DNS.” – Media company production engineer

“I have worked with the customer success team and the experience was world-class. They're a customer-first team and they are always available. We reach out to them on Slack and they're always there for us. They're straightforward and transparent about any possible issues that they have on their side and overall, it's a wonderful experience.” – Consulting vice president of technical operations and DevOps

“It provides scalability to help meet SOA and customers' demands without adding complexity. DNS is a basic part of any solution. And once you have 100,000 requests coming in and you need to make sure that the connectivity is there, the response time is there, the error levels are as low as possible, and every request actually gets an answer. If a third party can do this and I can take care of my actual application and not think about the path into my application, that is very useful.” – Tech company vice president of IT

IT Central Station ranks the world’s best tech products based on authentic, timely reviews from verified reviewers. Every reviewer on the site must be verified to help buyers make well-informed, smart business decisions. Ranking is based on a product’s average rating, review content, length of reviews, views, and other comparison statistics.

Read the reviews and visit for more information about NS1 solutions.

About NS1

The internet and applications powering our world depend on NS1. Billions of people connect to work, school, entertainment, and healthcare and stay informed because of the company’s innovative technology. As an ally for innovators, NS1 helps our customers turbocharge their ideas in pursuit of building the better future through connecting applications and audiences at the distributed edge. NS1’s application traffic intelligence and automation portfolio makes applications faster, more reliable, and more secure everywhere. With technologies for cloud-native network services, edge-to-cloud networking, and application traffic optimization, NS1 helps eliminate the barriers between applications, users, infrastructure, and data. A 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Award Winner, NS1 has more than 800 customers across the globe, including Dropbox, Fox, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and eBay, and is backed by investments from Energy Impact Partners, Dell Technologies Capital, Cisco Investments, and GGV Capital.


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