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January 19, 2016

NS1 Featured in 451 Research Impact Report

Research Firm Calls Intelligent DNS and Traffic Management Platform an “On Target” Offering Designed to Drive Application Performance

New York – Jan. 20, 2016 – NS1™, the leading intelligent DNS and traffic management provider designed to accelerate application performance and optimize end-user experience, announced today that it has been profiled in a report by 451 Research. The report highlights the company’s data-driven DNS and traffic management capabilities, which have been widely adopted by some of the world’s leading application development teams and Internet properties. Download the complete report here

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  • Intelligent routing: Patent-pending Filter Chains leverage a library of mix-and-match routing algorithms – miles deeper (and easier) than existing platforms – enabling intelligent, real-time routing decisions.
  • Comprehensive and flexible: NS1’s unmatched capabilities, API-first architecture, and easy-to-use portal enables organizations of all types and sizes to take advantage of a next-generation approach. The platform can be deployed as a managed, private or hybrid DNS solution, allowing organizations to converge disparate IT infrastructure into an elegant, single-pane-of-glass approach.
  • Data-driven DNS optimization: NS1’s Pulsar is an advanced traffic routing engine driven by metrics that are gathered directly from end users via a JavaScript tag or application instrumentation. Pulsar intelligently normalizes and aggregates the data into routing tables and then synchronizes that data instantly across all edge nodes.

Jim Davis, senior analyst, service providers at 451 Research, said: “As IT departments evolve into service delivery organizations, there’s a need to align cloud service spend with business results. Measuring the impact of application performance on the business is critical. Beyond measurement, the ability to adjust infrastructure strategies on the fly in a programmatic fashion is the piece of the puzzle that NS1 is aiming to address with the addition of Pulsar.”

Kris Beevers, CEO, NS1, said: “As hybrid and multi-cloud architectures become more common, organizations will begin to realize just how important a role their DNS service plays in the availability of their applications. We appreciate 451’s assessment of our capabilities and differentiators as we build more market awareness around the importance of DNS’s role in application performance.”

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