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November 10, 2021

NS1 and Com Laude Partner to Improve Enterprise Application Performance and Domain Protection

As the DNS Provider of Choice for Com Laude’s Global Customer Base, NS1 Helps Companies Mitigate Risk and Maximise Application Availability

NEW YORK — November 10, 2021 NS1, the leader in application traffic intelligence and automation, and Com Laude, the global leader in corporate domain name management, today announced that the two companies are aligning their shared passion for exceptional performance by entering into an exciting new partnership. Through their combined service offering they will bring improved integrated DNS and domain management services for enterprises.

As the world becomes more reliant on digital services and applications, the ability to ensure secure, performant, and consistent online user experiences is business-critical. However, in their efforts to achieve this, enterprises face many challenges — such as network capacity limitations, thwarting malicious threats to their domain names, and reliance on legacy technologies — which can lead to poor user experiences, driving away customers and tarnishing their brands.

NS1 and Com Laude are working together to improve domain services for Com Laude clients with a new, modern tech stack and management platform that consolidates their services. As part of the partnership, NS1 provides resilient DNS for Com Laude’s global enterprise client base, with NS1’s modern, software-defined Managed DNS services.

“Together, NS1 and Com Laude provide the most comprehensive domain management services, delivering enhanced domain name protection and improved performance for exceptional user experiences,” said Stacy Desrosiers, senior director of channel and strategic partnerships at NS1. “NS1’s infrastructure is built for security, redundancy, and performance at a global scale. With our application delivery solutions, Com Laude clients will be able to ensure consistently exceptional application experiences, everywhere.”

Com Laude recently launched its new management portal, providing clients with seamless control of DNS functions in the same interface used to manage and protect their domain name portfolio. They can also add advanced application traffic intelligence and automation capabilities with NS1’s Filter Chain™ and Pulsar. These features help to mitigate risk and support business resilience, enabling companies to achieve the highest levels of brand loyalty and trust while protecting online revenue streams.

“We are thrilled to offer NS1’s superior range of DNS services and advanced traffic management capabilities. They are an exceptional partner, ensuring smooth onboarding and tailored support for Com Laude and our clients during the transition,” said Glenn Hayward, Com Laude’s CEO. “Working with NS1 ensures that our client’s critical domain names are supported on the most resilient, secure, and fastest networks. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best client experiences — working with NS1 enables our clients to benefit from the very best next generation DNS management services.”

About NS1

The internet and applications powering our world depend on NS1. Billions of people connect to work, school, entertainment, and healthcare and stay informed because of the company’s innovative technology. As an ally for innovators, NS1 helps our customers turbocharge their ideas in pursuit of building the better future through connecting applications and audiences at the distributed edge. NS1’s application traffic intelligence and automation portfolio makes applications faster, more reliable, and more secure everywhere. With technologies for cloud-native network services, edge-to-cloud networking, and application traffic optimization, NS1 helps eliminate the barriers between applications, users, infrastructure, and data. NS1 has more than 800 customers across the globe, including Dropbox, Fox, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and eBay, and is backed by investments from Energy Impact Partners, Dell Technologies Capital, Cisco Investments, and GGV Capital.

About Com Laude

Unique among registrars, Com Laude provides Client-Shaped Domain Services meaning that the individual needs of each client are placed at the heart of the company’s operation. Established in 2004, Com Laude delivers an exceptional client experience to brand owners seeking strategic domain name services.

The leadership team, with many decades of industry experience, is directly involved in the day-to-day business and the company’s Domain Strategists are domain experts that strategically manage corporate portfolios ensuring they are shaped to meet the needs of each client. Com Laude serves clients in many sectors including: Automotive, Banking, Bio-tech, Consumer Goods, Engineering, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Gaming, Luxury, Media, Pharma, Retail, Sport, and Wellness. The company also works with the world’s leading law firms, government organisations, and smaller companies who need to protect critical domains. Com Laude’s solutions help clients maximise their ability to conduct business online with strategic domain name management, protection against cyber-attacks, and by counteracting digital brand infringement.

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