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June 9, 2021

Kimberly Bryant and Steven Levy to Keynote NS1’s INS1GHTS2021

Virtual summit for NetOps, DevOps, SecOps, and application delivery pros includes dual session tracks, interactive Q&A, and exclusive access to INS1GHTS2021 Community Chat

NEW YORK—June 9, 2021NS1, the leader in application traffic intelligence and automation, today announced its compelling lineup of speakers for INS1GHTS2021: Build the Better Future. From 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET on June 24, leaders in DevOps, NetOps, SecOps, and application delivery will come together to discuss how applications are changing the way people work and live and to share strategies for providing faster, more reliable applications.

“As physical and digital worlds become more intertwined, people expect the applications they use for work, school, and their personal lives to be faster, more efficient, and more dependable,” said Kris Beevers, co-founder and CEO, NS1. “INS1GHTS2021 is all about empowering the teams that make this possible by eliminating the barriers to great ideas, and offering tools and best practices that put real innovation and success within reach.”

INS1GHTS2021 will serve as a digital forum for collaboration and information sharing among IT leaders. Participants can choose from two virtual tracks: The Technical InteNS1ve and SeNS1ble Leadership. Both tracks include fireside chats with industry experts and NS1 customers, such as Wayfair, USAA, Fox, and Disney.

Keynote and featured speakers include:

Kimberly Bryant, founder and CEO, Black Girls CODE, is a nationally recognized thought leader who works to increase opportunities for women and girls in the technology industry. Her presentation “Creating a More Inclusive Future in Tech” will explore methods for shaping a new paradigm for women and girls of color in the technology industry.

Steven Levy, author, editor-at-large, WIRED, is a distinguished speaker and author, known for his journalistic contributions on a wide range of technology topics, including computers and internet tech, cryptography, cybersecurity, and privacy. His presentation “How the world got smart - and what you can do about it” will discuss a world where systems will not only automate many of our mundane human tasks but think and anticipate our more complicated needs and help us negotiate an increasingly complex world.

Kris Beevers, co-founder and CEO, NS1, is a recognized authority on application delivery and optimizing performance at scale across globally distributed internet infrastructure. His presentation “Build the Better Future: How Connecting Applications and Audiences Will Drive the Digital Revolution” will explore how today’s most successful global application companies are investing to better connect with audiences as devices, data, and digitization continue to increase.

Sanjay Ramnath, vice president of products, NS1, is an expert at designing, building, and marketing complex, transformational software-based technology products at scale. His presentation “Your Business Depends on Eliminating Boundaries Between Applications, Users, Infrastructure and Data” will examine the barriers innovators face to realizing the full potential of applications and what it takes to build a modern technology foundation to support the application delivery requirements of the future.

David Coffey, chief product officer, NS1, is a technological innovator, team builder, and transformational leader in cloud and security. His presentation “The Future of Application Traffic Intelligence and Automation” will discuss how the market is shifting to meet the demands of users, devices, and services. He will examine how foundational technologies are evolving and share NS1’s vision for eliminating barriers and creating a vital path forward for innovators in all industries.

Technical InteNS1ve sessions include:

  • Tradeoffs on the Road to Observability, Liz Fong-Jones, developer advocate, Honeycomb

  • Navigating Your Way Toward End-to-End Automation, Dave Hegenbarth, vice president systems engineering, Pliant

  • How to Detect & Stop Rogue Cryptomining On Your Network, Barrett Lyon, founder and CEO, Netography

  • The Prerequisites for Chaos Engineering, Courtney Nash, senior research analyst, Verica

  • Wayfair: An Engineering Company That Also Sells Couches, Alka Sathnur, associate director of engineering, Wayfair

  • Extracting the Signal: Rethinking Network Observability, Shannon Weyrick, vice president of research, NS1

  • When the Firefighters Come Knocking, Ariel Pisetzky, vice president of IT and cyber, Taboola

  • Cloud Native Global Load Balancer for Kubernetes, Yury Tsarev, principal engineer, Absa Group

  • Three Reasons Developers Struggle with AppSec (And How to Make It Better), Scott Gerlach, chief security officer, StackHawk

  • Leveraging NetBox, an Infrastructure Source of Truth, Jeremy Stretch, distinguished engineer, NS1

  • A Fireside Chat with USAA with Jason Larew, principal technical architect, USAA

  • Guaranteeing the Right Amount of Reliability, Jason Yee, director of advocacy, Gremlin

SeNS1ble Leadership sessions include:

  • DNS: The Foundation for Innovation, Rohit Sawhney, leader, product management, Cisco

  • The One Best Way Is Continual Improvement, Heidi Waterhouse, transformation advocate, LaunchDarkly

  • Get-Real Mindset: A Practical Approach to Winning the Margin, Harry Campbell, author and national leadership speaker

  • 6 Principles of Leadership, Mike Anderson, founder and chief technology officer, Tealium

  • A Fireside Chat with Fox, Steve Thorpe, vice president, video platforms, and Michael Cagnazzi, senior vice president, consumer products and engineering, Fox

  • Murphy’s Law: Communications and Operational Strategies for When Things Go Wrong, Bryan Scanlon, principal, Look Left Marketing

  • A Fireside Chat with Disney, Alima Wolfson, senior media delivery engineer, Disney

  • Operation Security: Forging a Secure Organization Through Partnership, Ryan Davis, chief information security officer, NS1

  • Rebound: From Pain to Passion - Leadership Lessons Learned, Matt Doherty, leadership coach and former UNC basketball coach, and Kathleen Rohrecker, vice president of marketing, NS1

  • 7 Things Executives Can Learn from Engineers, Matt Stratton, developer advocate, Pulumi

Visit the INS1GHTS2021 website for full session descriptions.

Participants will also gain exclusive access to the INS1GHTS2021 Community Chat, where they can submit questions, receive additional insights, and engage with other members, speakers, and industry leaders. Live Q&As, interactive polls, and giveaways between sessions throughout the day will provide continuous opportunities for learning and interaction.

Sponsors include (Platinum) Cisco Umbrella; (Gold) Gremlin, Honeycomb, LaunchDarkly, Pliant, and Verica; (Silver) Blameless, Catchpoint, EasyRedir, HashiCorp, Kong, Pulumi, Rundeck by PagerDuty, Sauce Labs, and StackHawk; (Bronze) Rookout; and (Community Sponsor) Chronosphere.

Register online and follow NS1 on LinkedIn and Twitter (#INS1GHTS) for updates and live event coverage.

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