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NS1’s next-gen DNS platform gives you the most advanced features for modern applications with all the automation capabilities engineers need - designed to optimize, automate, and simplify your operational processes.



At the core of the NS1 offering is a powerful, and fully-featured API that allows for integration with the tools that move your business forward.

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NS1 API User Interface

Purpose-Built, From the Ground Up

NS1 wrote next-generation DNS software for the new generation of applications and the teams that support them. Legacy DNS, which is based on a very old protocol by todays' standards, simply isn't built for the scale and speed required to succeed today. The NS1 platform is fully supported by the team that built it.

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Point and Click Traffic Management

By far the most traffic routing options of any DNS platform, easily accessible through our intuitive, user-friendly DNS management portal.

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Point and Click UI

Real User Monitoring

NS1 is the only DNS provider to marry Real User Monitoring (RUM) data with DNS, so you can leverage real-time infrastructure performance data from end users to enable hyper-granular, automated, and optimized traffic routing based on actual network conditions.

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Real User Monitoring Screen

Built-In Monitoring

Use NS1’s native monitoring solution to adjust traffic routing policies in real time, all the time.

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Built-In Monitoring UI


The industry’s only DNSSEC that is natively integrated with traffic management capabilities so you don’t have to choose between security, availability and performance.

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Designed For Truly Global Traffic Delivery

With a specially-built, integrated DNS network in Mainland China, optimize traffic for the largest audience in the world.

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Global Traffic Delivery

and much more, including

  • Single Sign-on and 2-Factor Authentication
  • EDNS Client Subnet
  • User Access Management
  • DDoS-Protected Network
  • Globally Anycasted
  • Best-In-Class SLA
  • 24x7x365 Support and NOC
  • Integrations
  • Record-Level Reporting
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One DNS technology for any deployment model.

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