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Orb: Edge Observability

Improve application performance on the edge with a "small data" approach

Observability Designed for the Network Edge

Monitoring performance and security issues on complex, distributed edge networks is a unique challenge. Orb is a lightweight observability option designed for the resource-constrained environment of the edge. It delivers actionable insights fast, at a far lower operating cost than traditional collection mechanisms.

Find the root cause, fast

When performance or security issues strike, nobody has time to sort through terabytes of data to find the root cause. Orb only collects the data you deem necessary, delivering faster time to action right on the edge - where you need it most.

Automated, self-service network analytics

Infrastructure as a service deployments require open, programmable data sources that are available across the enterprise. Orb’s robust API-first architecture orchestrates information about edge performance with the observability stacks you already own, enhancing visibility without the management headache.

Lower the cost of network observability

Traditional “large data” platforms vacuum up tons of data, which you then pay to process and store. Orb’s “small data” approach operates on a narrower scope, collecting only the data you truly use. It’s free and open source, helping you avoid huge storage or processing bills.

You can be up and running with Orb in ten minutes

  • Choose a hosting option - Self-host or use the SaaS offering (they’re both free)
  • Define your data needs - Tell Orb what you want to collect, or choose from predefined specifications
  • Deploy your agents - Orchestrate where and how you collect data
  • Collect and analyze the data - Send the data stream to your existing observability stack

Key Features

Agent Input Sources

  • Packet capture
  • dnstap
  • sFlow
  • Envoy taps (coming soon)
  • eBPF (coming soon)
  • Netflow

Agent Metrics

Using pktvisor, a subsidiary open source tool

  • DNS
  • DHCP
  • Network (L2/L3)
  • Policy resource usage
  • Expandable via custom loadable modules
  • Flow

Data Sinks

  • Prometheus (remote write)
  • OpenTelemetry based exporters (coming soon)

Get Started with Orb Today

NS1 offers Orb as a free, open-source SaaS offering - sign up now to regain control and lower costs with lightweight observability designed for the network edge.

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