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NS1 Connect

Trust NS1's Unified Delivery Platform for Modern Application Delivery and Networking

NS1’s cloud-based platform provides the visibility, control, and automation needed to build and deliver exceptional application experiences in distributed environments

Simplify Management of Internal and External Application Experiences with NS1 Connect

NS1 Connect provides a single portal for deploying, configuring, and monitoring NS1 solutions across your entire network footprint for a unified service delivery management experience. You can also integrate your own data sources and control points to maximize the effectiveness of our intelligence, response, and visibility capabilities. NS1 Connect includes a secure, single-sign-on portal with granular access controls to provide a centralized control plane for DNS and network services.

NS1 Connect 3x

Unite Application Delivery and Networking Teams in One Platform

Unite your application delivery and networking teams across the enterprise with a consolidated technology stack for DDI, managed DNS, and application traffic steering.

Streamline Management of External and Internal Network Services

Streamline vendor management and access our world-class 24 x 7 support. Centrally deploy, configure, and automate network resources everywhere you need without added complexity or overhead.

Gain Insight Into Application Delivery Performance Across Your Environment

Gain visibility and insights into your internal and external application delivery performance to help improve IT efficiency and security.

Key Features and Benefits of NS1 Connect

Unified Cloud Portal

The NS1 Connect cloud portal provides centralized deployment, configuration, and management for application infrastructures that span the data center, cloud, and edge.

Open API Framework

NS1 technologies are built to be API- first, enabling high-performance, API-driven automation. Our open API framework provides SDKs and supported client libraries for Python, Javascript, Go and PHP.

Ecosystem Integrations

The extensible platform has a large integration ecosystem for workflow management, infrastructure as code, monitoring, and security tools.

World-Class Expertise

Our world-class team of DNS experts provides 24x7 support and professional services. Our customer satisfaction rates consistently beat industry standards.

Monitoring and Analytics

Native monitoring capabilities perform health checks on your infrastructure and automatically route traffic away from unhealthy endpoints. Pulsar collects real user monitoring (RUM) data to optimize performance for latency-critical applications.

Secure by Design

Our solutions support DNSSEC and zero-trust network access principles. We harden our global DNS infrastructure against DDoS attacks and maintain SOC 2 Type 2 compliance.

Internet-Scale Infrastructure

Our global DNS infrastructure handles over one trillion DNS queries per month. It offers industry-leading speeds and is backed by a 100% DNS resolution uptime SLA.

Simple Pricing

Avoid outsized CAPEX and hardware requirements. NS1 offers straightforward subscription pricing across all of our products.

NS1 Solutions Integrate with Cutting Edge Tools

NS1 has built-in integrations with the most widely used infrastructure-as-code tools used by DevOps teams, such as Terraform and OctoDNS, as well as tools like Microsoft AD and ServiceNow, to ensure reliable, secure deployment changes without the delays and “friction” of traditional processes.

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