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NS1 + ZeniMax Media: Better User Experience & Response Times

Your live streaming demands are growing, and end-users are expecting faster load times on top of that. How are you supposed to keep up?

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How NS1 Benefits Your End-User Experience

Leverage Real-Time User Data

Last-mile performance data is used to reduce page load times, download times, and video buffering for every user.

Automate Smart Traffic Steering

Automate infrastructure-aware traffic steering to get the most out of datacenters cloud, and CDN investments.

Balance Load Without Sacrificing Performance

Business goals can be met with custom routing policies that minimize costs, and meet usage commits.

How ZeniMax Media can Deliver Large-Scale Livestream Events

How ZeniMax Media can Deliver Large-Scale Livestream Events

With larger online audiences than ever before, the livestreaming landscape is fraught with challenges from network congestion to technology failures. Running large-scale critical livestreaming events requires content owners to be nimble, remove single points of failure, and ensure redundancy and failover within their workflows to flawlessly deliver streams to end-users over a myriad of devices and platforms.

How it works

NS1 brings together the data collection, decision-making logic, execution engine, and analysis capabilities needed to automate intelligent traffic steering decisions in real-time. Rather than starting from scratch and writing new automations for each type of content or application delivery, organizations get a streamlined system that adapts to their unique goals.

Reviewing 04
Meeting Application and Access Network Modernization Challenges

Meeting Application and Access Network Modernization Challenges

IDG Research survey shows how a global pandemic is creating new urgency around IT modernization and a search for tools that can help deploy, connect, and deliver modern applications.

Smart Video Streaming Delivery

Whether delivering over-the-top or live streaming video, Pulsar simplifies multi-CDN orchestration to lower costs, meet CDN usage commits and avoid network congestion or outages. Dynamic, predictive routing and CDN-switching ensures the best experience for each viewer.

Pulsar Streaming 1

Optimize Edge Delivery

Up to 70% app performance improvement over geo-routing alone. Unlike traditional DNS,Pulsar monitors and responds to issues such as network lag, latency, congestion, or link problems when directing users to the nearest point of presence.

Pulsar monitors 01

Multi-CDN Application Delivery

Pulsar solves the problem of static load balancing between CDNs. Pulsar monitors all CDNs, identifies issues, and using dynamic load balancing to direct users to the best performing CDN, improving performance by up to 30%.

Pulsar cdn compare 01 1

Bring Your Own Routing Map

Whether an enterprise is targeting specific IP prefixes for steering, has created unique mapping between user IPs and their POPs, or has a data science analysis output of millions specific routing policies, Pulsar’s Route Maps can put it into action.

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By delivering DNS, DHCP, and IP address management infrastructure as containerized software, your network team has more deployment flexibility and additional opportunities for automation and integration.

DevOps Automation: Strategies to Release the DNS Bottleneck

DevOps is taking the world by storm, but legacy DNS cannot keep up. Learn from strategies to relieve the bottleneck, and how API-first DNS platforms can help.

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