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NS1 + Tower Federal Credit Union: Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness

IDC reports that DNS modernization ranks as a top challenge for organizations seeking digital transformation. What are you doing to modernize the foundational infrastructure of your application network?

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How NS1 Benefits Your IT Efficiency & Effectiveness

Clever and Easy traffic Management

Our Filter Chain (TM) technology along with optional Pulsar RUM steering give you hundreds of ways to customize your DNS answers for every user, everywhere, based on what's most important to you.

Achieve Efficiency and Automate with APIs & Integrations

NS1 easily integrates into your DevOps ecosystem via our REST APIs or turnkey integrations with your deployment and configuration automation tools, monitoring and alerting platforms, and the rest of your stack.

Let Data Do the Work

Leverage user, network, infrastructure, and application data to make real time traffic routing decisions based on network health, geography, system capacity, bandwidth commits, and much more.

Tower Federal Credit Union's Ultimate Guide for Building a Modern Foundation in the Connected Economy

Tower Federal Credit Union's Ultimate Guide for Building a Modern Foundation in the Connected Economy

The migration to a modern foundational technology framework enables cloud-enabled networks, users, applications, and services to operate faster, smarter, and better. It's a critical element in taking an enterprise network to the next level.

How it works

NS1’s next-generation application traffic optimization platform gives you the most advanced features for modern applications with all the automation capabilities engineers need - designed to optimize, automate, and simplify your operational processes.

Reviewing 04
Meeting Application and Access Network Modernization Challenges

Meeting Application and Access Network Modernization Challenges

IDG Research survey shows how a global pandemic is creating new urgency around IT modernization and a search for tools that can help deploy, connect, and deliver modern applications.

API First

Our DNS platform is designed with an “API First” architecture. Every function of our platform is enabled via a REST API – from our role-based access controls to every setting on every DNS record.

Private DNS Massive API


We take performance seriously and it shows. NS1 consistently delivers top tier DNS resolution times of under 30ms. This means your users get to your website faster. Compared to some of the major CDN and cloud providers, NS1 will cut your DNS resolution times in half or even better.

Multi CDN CDN Pop Performance

Available, Reliable, and Secure

Nothing is more important than your DNS. Every aspect of the NS1 DNS service is focused on ensuring 100% availability, performance and security. It starts with the network. Our globally anycasted network of POPS are connected to the multiple Tier 1 providers in every region, supplemented by connectivity from over 20 regional providers and 10 peering exchanges. The result is a self-healing IP network of unparalleled reach, capacity, and performance.

Domain Security Suite Security Good for Business

Hand-Picked Resources for Tower Federal Credit Union

The Secret to Automating Your Network Infrastructure

According to Gartner, nearly 80% of enterprise networking activities are manually driven. Companies today are implementing new strategies for network and infrastructure automation.

How Containers Can Help Modernize Your Network

By delivering DNS, DHCP, and IP address management infrastructure as containerized software, your network team has more deployment flexibility and additional opportunities for automation and integration.

DevOps Automation: Strategies to Release the DNS Bottleneck

DevOps is taking the world by storm, but legacy DNS cannot keep up. Learn from strategies to relieve the bottleneck, and how API-first DNS platforms can help.

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