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Nameserver Acceleration for China

High performance for your global brand in China

Nameserver Acceleration for China is an optional feature of NS1’s Managed DNS for China service. With Nameserver Acceleration, DNS queries originating in China are answered by the NS1 nameservers hosted in China. Queries originating from outside the mainland China region are answered by the NS1 nameservers on our global anycasted network.

What does this do for your business?

Nameserver Acceleration for China gives you the capability to manage all your public facing internet services under one global domain without incurring the performance problems that typically occur when internet traffic has to traverse the “Great Firewall.”

Global enterprises have traditionally avoided connectivity issues in China by establishing separate .CN domains to serve the Chinese market. This dilutes the global brand identity and increases IT management overhead. With Nameserver Acceleration for China, this is no longer necessary. You can deploy your content and services under a single top-level global domain such as a .COM or .NET, while ensuring that users in China get the performance benefits of having your services delivered entirely from within China. And, your services elsewhere around the world will still have the benefits of NS1’s global, Managed DNS.

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