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NS1 Labs

Spurring innovation in the foundational technologies supporting the global internet

NS1 Research Labs focuses on finding innovative solutions to the challenges of modern internet application delivery. The team conducts research, develops technology, and advances industry knowledge through the sharing of information.

NS1 Labs Focus Areas

Researching Experimental Concepts

We continually research, develop and test new foundational technologies and functionality so that NS1 and the industry can solve the evolving challenges of supporting the connected economy.

Sharing Industry Expertise

We believe the industry and technology insights we gain from our research can benefit the entire industry. That’s why one of our core areas of focus is speaking at events, creating reports and sharing our research with the world.

Creating a Vision for the Future of the Industry

Our industry is evolving rapidly to keep up with the demands of our connected world. Our labs team looks to the future of the industry and investigates future technologies so we can create new solutions for the challenges of the future.

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Open Source Projects

NS1 contributes to and leads several open source projects to help advance the industry

Introducing: Orb

Unleash small data at the edge with Orb and pktvisor

Orb is a new kind of observability platform, fully open source and backed by NS1. Orb orchestrates network observability policies across a fleet of agents on the edge in real time, allowing you to dynamically filter and collect critical “small data” from your global network, providing you with lightweight, immediately actionable results you can make sense of.

Orb gives you a precision instrument to collect just the observability data you are interested in, extracting the needles from the haystack at the edge.

Try Orb today by visiting: orb.live. You can also learn more by visiting the GitHub site.



pktvisor is an open source observability agent for summarizing network streams in real time at the edge: for example Top 10 query names, GeoIP locations, or packet rate percentiles. It includes a command line interface for on-node visualization, as well as an HTTP API for command and control and collecting summaries to a central location. It is a key component of the Orb observability platform.



Flamethrower is a lightweight, configurable open source tool for functional testing, benchmarking, and stress testing DNS servers and networks. It supports IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP, DNS over TLS (DoT), DNS over HTTPS (DoH), and has experimental support for DNS over QUIC.

NS1 LABS Flamethrower 402x

DNS-over-QUIC to UDP Proxy

Experimental proxy to convert DNS-over-QUIC DNS queries into standard UDP DNS queries.


Build Open Source Projects With NS1

Visit our Docker repository to download our open source tools.

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