Wildcard Records

NS1 supports wildcard records, like *.example.com or *.sub.example.com.

Wildcards in records are indicated by a leading "*." domain name segment. Please note that you:

  • Must place the wildcard at the beginning of the domain name (*.example.com) not in the middle (www.*.example.com is not allowed)
  • May not include the wildcard as part of a domain segment (ex*mple.com is not allowed)
  • May only have a single wildcard in the domain name (*.*.example.com" is not allowed)

A wildcard record matches any queries at or below the level of the wildcard. For example, *.example.com will match:

If a specific label name is configured that would otherwise match a wildcard at the same level, it supersedes the wildcard record.  So, if you have a record for *.example.com and a separate record for www.example.com, a lookup for www.example.com matches the specific record www.example.com; while a lookup for abc.www.example.com will return NXDOMAIN as the match will initially be made for www.example.com for which no *.www.example.com exists.

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