Data Feeds 101

The NS1 platform accepts real-time updates from a variety of Supported Services, each of which can update any number of Data Feeds about your infrastructure.

For example, you can connect your Monitis account as an Integration. You can then create Data Feeds for your monitors and connect the feeds to one or more answers in your DNS records. If a monitor trips because your server experienced issues, then the connected Data Feed is immediately updated by Monitis, and every answer associated with the Data Feed — across all your DNS records — is immediately marked "down." Data Feed updates are pushed out to the NS1 platform in real time, so we'll stop sending it traffic within milliseconds of your server going down.

We support a number of Data Sources already, but we're always adding more. Want us to integrate with your favorite monitoring service or some other data provider? Let us know by emailing [email protected]! In the meantime, check out our API — you may be able to feed your data directly into our native NS1 API integration.

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