Support for Squarespace Customers

Although NS1 is a DNS provider for many domains purchased through Squarespace, we cannot make DNS related changes on behalf of Squarespace customers. 

  • Please contact Squarespace directly for information regarding your domain. If you registered your domain through Squarespace, you can access its Advanced DNS settings in the Domains panel once logged in to their platform.
  • For more information on how to contact Squarespace to make DNS changes, read this article. To learn more about configuring advanced DNS settings within the Squarespace platform, please visit this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I was recently told that NS1 is the DNS provider for my Squarespace hosted website - how does this all work?

A: Squarespace has engaged with NS1 to outsource their DNS infrastructure. This was a mutually beneficial decision for you, the customer, and Squarespace, the operator. By outsourcing their DNS, Squarespace has made an investment to make your website faster, and more globally accessible.

Q: How can I tell if NS1 is the authoritative DNS operator for my domain?

A: By doing a quick DIG or WHOIS query, you will be able to ascertain the authoritative DNS provider for your domain. 

Windows users, make a quick visit to (opens in a new tab), plug in your website's domain name and select "NS" from the dropdown box. The answer will be returned on their website.

If you are using a Mac or Linux machine, these commands are built into your terminal screen. To open the Terminal on a Mac, press Command+Space and type Terminal in the Spotlight Search bar. Linux users, your experience varies based on distribution.

DIG Command:

$ dig +short ns

DIG Response:

WHOIS Command:

$ whois

WHOIS Response: Varies by TLD, but a similar list that looks like the DIG response above will be returned with similar answers.

If the response is anything other than what you see above, NS1 is not the authoritative provider.

Q: How does this affect my domain registration with Squarespace?

A: Where Squarespace leverages NS1 behind the scenes, your default nameservers will still reflect the ones that Squarespace originally assigned when you set up your domain. No changes to your domain registration have been executed as a result of Squarespace’s partnership with NS1. Squarespace is still your domain registrar of record.

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