SRV Records

What the SRV Record Does

SRV Records are a way to use DNS to locate services for a specific domain. SRV records allow for built-in load balancing of multiple servers using the priority and weight values in the records. They are defined by RFC 2782.

Defining the SRV Record Parameters

service is the name of a service, such as SIP or XMPP. Underscore required.
proto is the protocol in use for the service. Normally either TCP or UDP. Underscore required.
domainname. is the FQDN of the domain using the service.
ttl is the time to live for the DNS record.
priority is the priority of the target. A lower number is a higher preference.
weight is the weight of the target. A higher number is a higher preference.
target is the hostname of the server which is hosting the service. 

Create an SRV Record in the Portal UI

  1. Select the zone where you want to add the record

  2. Click “Add Record”.

  3. Change the Type field to SRV and enter in the required data.

  4. Click Save All Changes.

Verifying the SRV Record is Created

You can verify the record has been created correctly using the dig tool as shown in this example:

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