Setting Up Notification Lists

Notification Lists control where your monitoring notifications are sent. This article walks through the step-by-step process of creating a notification list and attaching it to a monitoring job. When creating a new monitor you can either start from scratch or assign any existing notification list.

The basic steps to configure your monitoring job(s) can be found on their respective Knowledge Base articles: 

We'll use a TCP job for this example though the same steps apply for a monitoring job of any other type. 

In addition to basic email alerts NS1 also delivers notifications directly to these 3rd party services (click for Knowledge Base entries on the setup of each):

You can also configure your own custom webhook or email us at [email protected] to inquire about a new integration.

Create and Attach Notification Lists

From the monitors page click Notification Lists button in the top right portion of the screen to be brought to the Notifications page

Once in the notification lists page, you can create a new list and configure whichever notifiers you see fit. 

Add Notifier(s)

Select "Create a Notification List" and give your list a name. Click "Add a new notifier" and choose a notification type from the drop-down menu. This will prompt for the information required to generate the new notifier such as an email or a webhook. Once finished, notifiers will appear in the selected section. Hit "Save List and Notifiers" and return to the monitor you wish to attach it to.

Attach Notification List

Once you've selected your monitor, hit the Notifications button and click select to attach your notification list and save

The Test List we've created has 2 notifiers therefore the two channels will be alerted upon any change in status for this monitor. Note: You can use NS1 monitors to configure automated failover for your records. When following the configuration process for failover found here Notifications Lists are generated for you upon connecting a monitor to an answer and hitting save. This list will follow the general naming convention "__NS1__.notify_list." can be found in the notification lists page 

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