Pulsar Performance Data & Decisions

Pulsar’s data visualizations allow you to view and compare the performance and availability of your resources as well as the routing decisions that Pulsar has made based off the performance data.

Performance By Location

Performance by location allows you to narrow comparisons of your resources (CDNs, Public Cloud networks, etc.) to specific geographical locations. Enter in the location and network (if applicable) and then select which resources to compare. Selecting a country will allow you to compare resources in that country. Click apply to update the display and view the comparison.

Performance By Resource

Performance by resource is similar to performance by location with the focus being the resource comparisons. Filters operate in the same way.


The availability view offers a comparative relative uptime between selected resources. Exploring the availability data here can be helpful for choosing Availability Thresholds for your answers 


The Decision tab provides a visualization into Pulsar’s decisions on a per record basis. The chart can be viewed as a line graph or a 100% stacked bar chart displaying a clear breakdown of how Pulsar made a decision based on the inputs at the time. There is an option to focus the visualization on a specific DNS record. This view also highlights the number of occasions where Pulsar did not have sufficient data to make a decision.

Active Resources

The active resources tab shows which Pulsar Apps are available and which resources (jobs) are associated with that application.

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