Pulsar is a routing engine that’s driven by RUM (Real User Monitoring) and other performance measurements of CDNs, public clouds, and private data centers to optimize traffic decisions in real time. The goal is to ensure end users are unaffected by localized issues and are instead routed via the optimal path, leading to better application performance and end user experience.

Pulsar can be configured to leverage community data or you can Bring Your Own (BYO) Data. Community data, gathered from an array of real end users across the internet, via our partner impressions, is available for many of the leading CDN and public cloud offerings. This is an ideal choice for platforms employing multi-CDN solutions without access to their own inventory of impressions, allowing enterprises to route their users to the most performant (or most cost effective) option for their local connection.

BYO Data can be collected by embedding a JavaScript tag on content pages that will aggregate measurements from your end users and feed them into Pulsar. Alternatively BYO data can also be collected by sending statistics to a custom endpoint associated with a Pulsar job. These collection methods allow users to intelligently route traffic to their own private or public cloud facilities. This routing can be performed on any type of data including, but not limited to, latency, time to first byte, bandwidth, throughput, etc.

If you are interested in Pulsar please reach out to [email protected], and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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