Portal v2: 5 Most Significant Improvements

We're excited to deliver Portal v2 to all our customers and think you'll appreciate the improvements we've made on the original NS1 portal. For those of you who are already familiar with the Portal v1, we thought it might be helpful to walk through some of the more significant changes we've made with this portal refresh:


The new portal includes a top-level search for zones and records much like what you see in Portal v1, with the added benefit of listing more than 10 search matches. 

The real improvement to search functionality comes into play in the Zones section. You now have the flexibility of searching by zone name and sorting by records or queries. Zones are listed in alphabetical order by default and you can easily page through zones while also setting a default number of zones shown per page. 

This same functionality has been extended to searching within zones as well. You can also filter by record type (eg. A, CNAME, ALIAS etc) and sort by number of answers. We will be adding the ability to sort by queries at a later date.


When first logging in to Portal v2 you might notice that there is no longer a Notifications tab. This is not by accident. We've moved the notification section into monitor configuration to simplify your workflow when setting up monitors. Check out these articles on TCP, Ping (ICMP) and HTTP monitors for step-by-step guides to configuring notifications during monitor setup.


Remember how cumbersome it was to connect a monitoring job to an answer? First you had to create the monitor, then you had to create a data source and connect it to the monitor. But wait - did you remember to create a notification list and attach it to your monitor? There were so many steps involved and it was so easy to miss something along the way. Well we've seen this happen far too many times and have consolidated this process in NS1 Portal v2 to help simplify things. 

If you click into the Integrations tab (formerly Data Sources), you'll notice that NS1 Monitoring is no longer an option. That's because all you need to do in Portal v2 is create your monitor and setup notifications in the Monitors section before navigating over to the Zones section to attach the new monitor to any answer you wish. Read more about this process on any of the monitoring Knowledge Base pages: TCP, Ping (ICMP) and HTTP

Filter Chains

We have done away with the distinction between Static, Dynamic and Intelligent records. In Portal v2, records are either Static or Filtered. Static records can be opened from within a zone page without navigating away, while Filter Chain records live on a separate page. Everything is now powered by drag-and-drop technology, so filters and answers can easily be reordered. 

Data & Graphs

One of the most common pieces of feedback we received on our original portal is that "those horizon charts are very pretty, but they're tough to read." Well, we've now defaulted to more common line graphs but you can always flip back to the horizon charts if you wish. These new line graphs also allow you to get more granular and look at a reading for a specific date in time:

Filter Chain records have their graphs hidden in the data tab: 

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