Password & Session Management

NS1 is now offering advanced password and session management protocols to strengthen account security. This Knowledge Base article provides an overview of these changes and includes instructions for enabling new features where applicable. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Password Strength Requirements

By default, our current password requirement is eight characters. The enhanced password strength feature will require the following:

  • Minimum password length of 12 characters
  • No leading or trailing spaces, however spaces within passwords (maximum of 8) are permitted
  • At least 1 uppercase character
  • At least 1 numerical character
  • At least 1 special character (eg. !, #, @, $)

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to have password strength requirements implemented for your account.

Password Reuse Restrictions

By default, we do not prevent users from reusing previously used passwords. This new feature allows account admins to customize the number of previously used passwords that will be ineligible for reuse on a per user basis. NS1 will only be able to start populating this password backlog once an admin has enabled these reuse restrictions account wide.  

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to have password reuse restrictions implemented for your account.

Session Management

NS1 recently instituted a 24-hour session timeout and 30-minute idle timeout for all portal users. We are also offering account admins additional controls over session management, including:

  • Adjusting the maximum number of active sessions allowed per user. Default currently set at 10.
  • Adjusting the amount of time for which a session will be allowed to remain idle. Default currently set at 30 minutes. Once this idle time is exceeded, the user will be logged out.
  • Adjusting the amount of time for which a session will remain open, regardless of whether the user is idle. This effectively gives account admins the option to set a session timeout shorter than the 24-hour default we have implemented.

Please be mindful of these updates when using NS1's management portal and be sure to save changes more frequently to avoid losing work due to session timeout. Account admins can contact [email protected] to request that time windows be adjusted.

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