Creating a Generic API Service in PagerDuty

1. Log in to your team’s PagerDuty account. In the Configuration drop-down, select Services. Add New Service

2. Under Integration Settings, select Use our API directly. All other form fields can be filled out according to your team’s standard operating procedures.

3. Select Add Service to generate integration key.

Setting Up Notifications in the NS1 Portal

1. Navigate to a monitoring job and click on the Notifications tab. You can either assign an existing Notification List to this monitoring job (if one is not attached already) or simply add a new notifier via Edit list. Read more about configuring notifications in this Knowledge Base entry

2. Whether you're starting from scratch or adding to an existing Notification List, click Add Notifier to begin. Select PagerDuty from the dropdown menu. Insert integration key and Add to list.

3. Notifications will be sent to PagerDuty whenever up/down status changes for a monitor assigned to the same Notification List. This can be updated in the Monitors section of the NS1 portal.

4. PagerDuty notification will include up/down status, monitor name, URL, timestamp and region: