New Users Guide

So, you're a new user here at NS1 and may have never managed your own DNS before. No worries, the process is actually quite simple. While a series of advanced features are available to dive into later, getting your domain online and hosted to the public internet can be completed in a few short steps. Listed, in order below, are a series of knowledge base articles to walk you through the full process.

Step 1  First, you will need to sign up for an NS1 account.
We have a free-tier option for use of the service with no time restriction and a query limit of 500,000 queries per month. A credit card is required at signup to cover any overages. A small temporary pre-authorization charge will be placed on the credit card.

Sign up

Step 2   If you will have other users managing your DNS account,  you can create and set account permissions for additional users in your account here:

Creating and Managing Users

Step 3   Create your first zone.
A zone is the domain name (such as that will contain all of your DNS records. There are a couple different ways to accomplish this:

Creating a Zone or,

Importing a Zone File

You can only import a zone file if you have a current DNS provider where you have created zones for your domains previously. You will need a bind compatible zone file from your current DNS provider to import your zones into your NS1 account.

Step 4   Create DNS Records.
For example, if your website is hosted with IP address you will need to create an A record to map the two together (  A

Adding Records to a Zone 

Step 5   Note the 4 nameservers associated with your zone.

  1. Open the zone’s page in the NS1 portal.

  2. Select the Nameservers tab.  
    You will need to add these nameservers at the Registrar of your domain in the final step.

Step 6   Test your DNS Records.

Now you will be able to test your DNS records to ensure they are served as expected from NS1’s authoritative nameservers. The following article explains how:

Testing Your DNS Records

Step 7   Delegate your Nameservers.
Once your zone and records are in place and you know your zone’s nameservers, you can delegate your domain’s authoritative nameservers to NS1. This will be different for every registrar (the organization that sold your domain to you).

Delegating a domain to NS1 

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