NS1’s Exclusive Nameserver Acceleration for China Product

Global companies serving the China market are often forced to deploy a domain specifically for the market - typically a .cn domain for China and a .com or .net for the rest of the world. NS1’s exclusive Nameserver Acceleration for China product obviates the need for global enterprises to deploy a separate domain for their China-based users.

Nameserver Acceleration is a technology that allows end users to leverage multiple independent DNS networks simultaneously, intelligently routing users to the most performant network based on their location and ISP. By leveraging NS1’s Managed DNS network in mainland China, DNS queries from users in the region will be served by NS1’s mainland China network while users outside of the ‘great firewall’ will reach our Managed global network, dynamically, all on the same ‘global’ domain (.com for example). This means the performance of any domain can be significantly accelerated for users in China without negatively impacting performance for users outside the region.

To configure a domain to utilize Nameserver Acceleration for China the zone should be enabled on both our NS1 Managed network and our mainland China DNS network in the zone settings tab. The registrar for the domain will then need to be updated to reflect a new set of nameservers. Your customer success representative will supply these nameservers once your account has had Nameserver Acceleration enabled.

If you are interested in using Nameserver Acceleration for China in your NS1 account please reach out to [email protected], and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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