Monitoring Your Usage


Users with account permissions can view the Usage statistics in the main dashboard including records, filter chains, monitors and queries. Portal v2 opens to this page by default and you can always navigate back by clicking the NS1 logo in the top left corner. 


These details can also be found in the Billing section under the account drop-down menu. 

The Usage and Limits section provides up to date accounting of your usage for the current billing period in the row labeled "Your usage." We also remind you of how many records, filter chains, monitors and queries are included in your subscription plan in the row labeled "Your limit."

You can also configure email alerts to provide advance notice should you ever approach contractual record or query thresholds. These warnings are set to trigger at 50% and 80% of your limit by default but can be customized to any percentage you wish. At this time, you must contact [email protected] if you would like to add more records, monitors or filter chains to your account. The NS1 portal does not currently permit you to go beyond your contractual limits, though we will introduce an automated, portal-based solution for this in the future.

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