Managed DNS for China - Overview

NS1 offers the only Managed DNS network in mainland China with full support for state-of-the-art traffic management and native synchronization with the advanced features of NS1’s user portal.

By using Managed DNS for China we are able to offer faster DNS response times and improved application performance for users where the audience is primarily located in mainland China. The network also provides improved reliability by removing the need for DNS queries originating in China to traverse the “Great Firewall of China”, which can slow down or block DNS query traffic. Accounts with access to this network will continue to be able to use NS1’s exclusive Filter Chain technology, monitoring functionality, 3rd party integrations, and REST API, now with China (.cn) specific domains.

Similar to our Dedicated DNS deployments, NS1’s DNS servers in mainland China form an independent DNS network and do not participate in NS1’s globally anycasted Managed DNS network.  Due to regulatory hurdles, the servers deployed in mainland China are unicasted. This is the case with all major international DNS providers in the region. To help alleviate performance impact, the majority of DNS resolvers in mainland China support SRTT. This results in sub 50ms response times to DNS queries originating in the region. To mitigate the effect of outages in mainland China, one of the IPs customers delegate their domains to will be part of our globally anycasted Managed DNS network.

Managed DNS for China is comprised of 4 POPs located in Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, and Shenzhen with connectivity to top tier service providers in China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile.

Zone and Record management is unified on NS1’s management control plane. Customers create, modify, and view their zones and records on their NS1 portal (or via the API) and all changes are immediately propagated to all the NS1 nameservers assigned to the customer. Customers using the China based nameservers get the benefit of managing their records in one place and do not need to spend additional effort on synchronization across NS1’s delivery networks.

If you are interested in Managed DNS for China please reach out to [email protected], and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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