Linked Zones

It's common to have multiple DNS zones where one zone is a "vanity domain" for a "real" zone. For example, if your main zone is example.web, you may also purchase to serve the same content. In this case, you want any records created in example.web to also be available under -- that is, www.example.web and should point to the same place. Furthermore, as changes get made to the main example.web zone, you want the changes to also be reflected in the zone.

You could create the two zones and keep them in sync manually, making the same changes in both zones as necessary. We know how cumbersome this can become, which is why NS1 offers a simple solution called "Linked Zones." This functionality allows you to create vanity domains which point to the "real" (target) zones containing the records.

Creating a Linked Zone

Creating a Linked Zone is simple. Once you have your "real" zone in place (example.web), simply follow these steps:

  1. On the Zones page, click "Add Zone"
  2. Select Linked Zone from the list of options. Enter the name of the new linked zone  (for example, ""), and select the target ("real") zone from the drop-down list (i.e. "example.web")  

  3. Click "Save Zone"
  4. Your new linked zone will be saved and tagged as such in the NS1 portal. 

Things to Consider

  1. You cannot chain linked zones: each linked zone must point to a non-linked zone
  2. Currently you will not receive record level query statistics on the linked zone (only aggregate statistics for the target zone).
  3. You cannot add records to or otherwise change a linked zone -- you must do so in the the target zone.
  4. The only operation you can perform on a linked zone is to delete it. Deleting the linked zone does not alter the target zone in any way.

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