HTTP Monitors

This article focuses on how you can set up an HTTP monitoring job.  

  1. Click on the Monitors tab and then on the Add Monitor button 

  2. Monitors
  3. Configure options on the new monitoring job, such as type (HTTP), region(s) to monitor from, and how frequently the monitor will check the URL.  

  4. Click into your new monitor and toggle Advanced Options to set rules for your monitoring failures and alerts 
  5. Now switch over to the Notifiers tab and either attach an existing Notification List or create a new Notifier that you wish to alert.
  6. Select Save in the bottom left of the screen to confirm the Monitor options. Your new Monitoring Job is now running and will keep any e-mail addresses in the associated notifier list updated of any uptime changes

  7. You can now connect this new monitor to an answer for the 'UP' Filter Chain record. Navigate to the record in question and click the plug icon in the Up metadata row. Select NS1 Monitors from the menu and choose your new monitor. Hit Save. 

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