Creating the Notification Token in HipChat

1. First log in to your Hipchat organization and go to Rooms.

2. Click on the room where you want notifications to be sent and you will see the following:

3. Be sure to grab either the API ID number or the room name (in this case #alerts). Both work just fine for the part of this process that takes place in the NS1 portal.

4. Click on Tokens in the menu bar at left to generate the following screen. Create new token that will allow you to send notifications to this room. Add a Label for the origin of the notifications and select Send Notification as the scope. Generate the token by clicking Create.

Setting up Notifications in the NS1 Portal

1. Navigate to a monitoring job and click on the Notifiers tab. You can either assign an existing Notification List to this monitoring job (if one is not attached already) or simply add a new notifier. Read more about configuring notifications in this Knowledge Base entry

2. Whether you're starting from scratch or adding to an existing Notification List, click Add Notifier to begin. Select HipChat from the dropdown menu. 

3. Enter the Room ID or Room Name and the Notification Token you just generated in HipChat.

4. Notifications will be sent to HipChat whenever up/down status changes for a monitor assigned to the same Notification List. This can be updated in the Monitors section of the NS1 portal.

5. HipChat notification will include monitor name, region, up/down status and timestamp: