Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

NS1 supports Two-Factor authentication with TOTP for secure access to our portal. Our TOTP authentication works with Google Authenticator or another TOTP app on your smartphone or other device. Before enabling Two-factor authentication on your NS1 account, you should make sure you have Authenticator or another TOTP app installed and ready.

Step 1 - To enable Two-Factor in NS1, log in to the NS1 portal, and select "Account Settings" from the top right drop down menu

Step 2 - Click the switch under "Two Factor Authentication" and you will be presented with the options available to configure your Two-Factor settings.

At this point, your account requires Two-factor authentication to access. You will be presented with a QR code - most Two-factor apps allow you to scan the code to add your NS1 account. If your TOTP app is unable to use the QR code, you can manually enter the shared TOTP key instead.

Once you enable Two-factor, we recommend opening a different browser or "incognito" window that is not currently logged in to NS1 to verify your Two-factor is working properly. Log in with your normal username and password, and you should be prompted with a request to verify your Two-factor token.

Use your TOTP app to generate a token, enter the token, and click "Sign In" to complete your secure log in.

For added security you may also want to enforce all of your accounts' users to be required to have Two-Factor Authentication enabled to access the portal.

Step 1 - From the top right dropdown menu on the portal, select the "Account Settings", then the "Users & Teams" tab.

Step 2 - Assuming the user has the permissions to "manage global 2fa" there will be an option to toggle the setting on the bottom of the page. (Only the Account Admin will have this permission and the ability to grant it to others)

In the case of a user losing their Two-Factor key, you can help to re-initialize it by contacting another user in your organization with adequate permissions to re enable it for you. If you are the admin and have misplaced your Two-factor device, contact NS1 support ([email protected]) from your account's authorized email address.

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