DNS Pools Explained

NS1’s excellent DNS performance is due, in part, to our distribution of customer zones across 10 different pools, or groups, of authoritative nameservers. NS1 currently employs a striping policy among nameserver pools. Upon initial creation, a zone will be automatically assigned to a network pool [0-9] in our system. It is possible for zones created in NS1’s Managed DNS portal on the same day to be assigned to different DNS pools. We recommend each zone use its assigned nameserver pool when setting authoritative nameservers at the registrar level.

To find your zone’s list of assigned nameservers:

  1. Open the zone page in the portal.

  2. Select the nameservers tab from the menu bar at the top of the page.

  3. The assigned nameservers are listed in this view.

This information can also be retrieved via our public API https://ns1.com/api/

For example, using the GET Zone Details API call will respond with a “dns_servers” section which lists the 4 nameservers that are authoritative for the zone. The output is piped to ‘jq .’ in the example to produce a more easily human readable format.

curl -X GET -H 'X-NSONE-KEY: REMOVED http://api.nsone.net/v1/zones/example.com | jq 

 "dns_servers": [






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