Delegating a Domain to NS1

 The final step to making your NS1 DNS records live is to update your domain registrar with the nameservers that will be authoritative for your domain. Make sure you are confident that your zone and it’s accompanying DNS records are properly configured in your NS1 account and then follow the instructions under “How to Delegate Your Domain(s) to NS1”.

How to Delegate Your Domain(s) to NS1

Step 1  Navigate to the zone’s page in the NS1 portal and make note of the four nameservers set under the “Nameservers” tab. In the example below, the nameservers are:

Step 2   Login to your domain’s registrar and find their instructions for updating nameservers.

Step 3   Input the nameservers listed in your NS1 account into your registrar account in their portal.

NOTE:  It may take up to a day for the changes to propagate to the public internet.

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