Creating and Managing Users

NS1 allows you to control user access permissions with fine granularity.

To begin, log in to the NS1 customer portal, click on the top-right drop-down menu and select Account Settings > Users & Teams.

Open tab Users to add or remove users and configure permissions.

Adding or removing users

To add a user, simply click on the Add User button. To remove a user, simply click on the trash can next to the associated user. This will result in a pop up appearing to confirm that you do in fact wish to remove this user from your account.

Please note, if you only have a single user, you can not remove that user. Accounts require at least a single user enabled.

Managing user details and permissions

To manage a user, click on the pencil icon next to the associated user. A new window will open with these fields:

  • Username: The login name for this user
  • Email: The email address used for password resets, notifications, etc.
  • Full name: The real name for this user

In addition, you may enable/disable permissions for each user. Scroll down to see all configurable options.

You can limit user access to specific zones by checking off the "Allow viewing/management of zones unless explicitly denied" option under the DNS section. If this box is checked, then you may define the set of zones to be denied. 

If this is left unchecked, then the box next to "Deny viewing/management of zones unless explicitly allowed" will automatically become checked. You can then allow this user to access any zones entered in the search tool below.

Once your permission settings are configured to your liking, click the Save Changes button.

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