Creating and Managing Teams

Creating teams

User permissions can be set in bulk under the Teams section. Admins can build permission schemes specific to team needs and then apply those to individual users and API keys. This eliminates the need to manually set permissions for all of your users. Simply click on the Add Team button to create a group permission scheme, then add users and API keys to each team.

Select the pencil icon to edit team permissions at any time. To remove a team, simply click on the trash can next to the associated team. This will result in a pop up appearing to confirm that you do in fact wish to remove this user from your account.   

Adding users to teams

In order to be added to a team, users must first be created in the Users section. Then modify the user's settings and choose the appropriate team. Assigning a user to a team will hide and nullify any existing user permissions. Deselect the team name to reset permissions at the user level.

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