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Modernize IT Infrastructure & Improve Organizational Efficiency

NS1 provides the modern foundational infrastructure that today's complex, distributed application delivery environments require.

Inflexible, legacy infrastructure and tools require an increasing percentage of budget and maintenance hours to meet application delivery requirements, slow down deployments, and put you at risk for outages or downtime.

Our Increasingly Digital-First World Requires Modern IT Infrastructure

Delivering today’s applications using yesterday’s infrastructure and tools limits your team’s ability to innovate and deploy at a global scale. With a modern foundation built for a complex, distributed environment, your team unlocks spend and headcount for higher-value initiatives, improves application performance, and deploys innovative products faster - improving business metrics with the same IT spend.

IT Modernization

Business Impact

Manual processes result in downtime, outages, and time spent maintaining rather than innovating. Necessary improvements take longer to deploy, slowing product development overall.

Employee Impact

Your IT team is viewed as a roadblock, rather than an enabler, and spends more time putting out fires than innovating. Attracting and retaining top talent is an uphill battle without a modern and appealing technology stack to work on.

Why IT Modernization Should Be an Urgent Priority

  • 80% of companies find it challenging to meet current application delivery requirements with existing infrastructure.
  • According to IDG research, some of the top challenges companies cite are linked to aging networks, including: legacy infrastructure (35%), organizational inflexibility (33%), and technical and operational debt (31%).
  • The pandemic accelerated the digitization of customer, supply-chain, and internal operations by 3-4 years, according to a recent McKinsey report.

Digital Transformation Initiatives Accelerate

The pandemic created new urgency around modernization initiatives, and a search for tools that can help.

How to Improve IT Efficiency and Modernize Infrastructure


Implement lightweight, scalable and software-defined foundational infrastructure to simplify management of complex application delivery environments.

  • Intelligent traffic steering to steer users to the best endpoint.
  • Manage primary and secondary DNS and traffic steering through an intuitive, modern interface.


Use software-defined network services to securely connect your internal users, applications and devices, wherever they may be.

  • Extend network services to distributed networks, edge, and IOT/IT environments.
  • Enable Zero Trust Security principles across your environment.


Automate and integrate with tools to improve efficiency and agility, freeing up your team to tackle higher-value initiatives.

  • Integrate into CI/CD pipelines and automate with APIs.
  • Increase velocity of DNS propagation times.
  • Integrate with monitoring tools to streamline management processes.

How Glen Raven Accelerated Digital Transformation

Learn how Glen Raven, a 140+ year old textiles firm, accelerated their IT modernization initiatives by migrating to next-generation, software-defined infrastructure.

NS1 is the foundation that empowers companies to build a more modern technology stack.

Flexible Infrastructure to Connect the Distributed Environment

Our purpose-built software architecture is designed for reliability, speed, and scalability to accelerate application delivery in your distributed environments.

Intelligent, Data-Driven Traffic Management

Our advanced application traffic management capabilities powered by Filter Chains can be applied to internal and external applications to precisely regulate traffic flows across multiple data centers, multiple cloud environments, multiple CDNs and more.

Integrated Network Solutions Built for the Modern Environment

Our lightweight software-defined DDI solution enables you to distribute and deploy critical network services (DNS/DHCP) close to where they are needed, avoiding the overhead and performance impact of backhauling to legacy centralized infrastructure.

Security at the DNS Layer

Easily deploy proven strategies like redundancy and DNSSEC without giving up automation or traffic management capabilities.

Automate for IT Efficiency and Agility

Our external and internal DNS as well as DHCP and IPAM Automation solutions empowers DevOps to drive deployment and feature velocity with a cloud-native, API-first architecture.

Integrates with Cutting Edge Tools

Our products integrate with current and future best-in-class tools. Improve monitoring and visibility with Catchpoint, Cloudwatch, datadog, pingdom, and automate workflows with ServiceNow, Terraform, Octodns.

NS1 Solutions

Dedicated DNS

Physically and logically separate next-generation DNS provisioned just for you, anywhere

Redundant and Secondary DNS

Secondary DNS running alongside another, separate DNS provider.

Global Traffic Management

Granular and automatic global traffic management policies enabled by our patented Filter Chain (™) technology.

VPN Traffic Steering

Automated VPN routing enables you to send remote users to the optimal, healthy VPN site.

Pulsar Active Traffic Steering

Intelligent traffic steering using real-time user monitoring and highly customizable routing logic.

Cloud-Managed DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI)

We provide the only internet-scale, cloud-native DDI solution that delivers modern DNS and DHCP anywhere, with centralized IPAM in the cloud; from the edge to the core.

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How do you maintain site reliability and user experience in the face of increasingly complex networks and applications? Learn how smart traffic steering can help you simplify and optimize network operations, proactively prevent issues with global load balancing, and more.

A Modern Approach to DNS and Application Traffic Management

Evolving DNS isn’t simply about gaining incrementally faster DNS response times. Rather, a modern approach to DNS and application traffic management is one that can fit seamlessly into your application delivery stack and help you drive topline business results related to revenue, cost efficiency, and risk reduction.

How to Modernize Your Enterprise’s DDI Experience with NS1

DDI is key to digital transformation, and with its Enterprise DDI solution, NS1 can help you transform your enterprise technologies to overcome this complexity. With a platform approach that’s flexible, lightweight, and software-defined, you’ll begin to eliminate the constraints and complexities of appliances, improve your agility, and enhance your deployments, services, and workflows. Download whitepaper:

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