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How retailers can prevent website downtime

Even minor website performance issues, let alone a full-blown outage, can come at a steep cost to your retail business. Boosting the reliability of your overall network infrastructure can help you avoid losing sales to slow load times or other site issues

The cost of an outage adds up fast

When it comes to online sales, every second counts and competition is fierce. Users have zero tolerance for lags or slow-loading websites… and why wouldn't they, when they have more retail options than ever at their fingertips?

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$1.1 million

The amount per hour retailers lose during an outage or downtime


The percentage of retailers that lose customers due to website outages


The percentage of retailers that can’t utilize in-store functionality like signage during an outage

Why do outages occur in the first place?

As networks grow increasingly complex, outages, downtime, and performance issues can happen for a variety of reasons, such as:

One of your critical endpoints - like a CDN - experiences an outage, and you don't have a backup option

Configuration errors or deployment issues bring down critical IT infrastructure

An unexpected spike in traffic, whether malicious or legitimate, overwhelms infrastructure capacity

What does DNS have to do with network outages?

There’s a reason why “It’s Always DNS” is a time-honored phrase in the IT department. As the backbone of your network, a DNS issue can bring down… well, everything. This also means with the right provider, you can leverage the power of DNS to improve the overall resilience of your network.

Keep your e-commerce business online 24/7 with NS1's premium DNS services

Massive capacity to easily absorb traffic spikes

Whether from a DDoS attack or holiday shoppers, surges in traffic can overwhelm and bring down your entire network. NS1 provides massive network scale so you can continue to answer every DNS query, promptly.

Resilient 2x min

API-first design to streamline network management

Customize, integrate, and automate network services with the best API of any authoritative DNS provider

Manage at scale 2x

Outsmart outages with automated traffic steering

Create customized traffic steering policies to automatically route users to the healthiest endpoint

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Add network redundancy, subtract the management hassle

Our Dedicated DNS solution gives you true redundancy with a physically separate network, yet is fully synchronized and managed from the same control plane as your primary DNS

Redundant 2x min

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