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High Frequency Monitoring

The Most Comprehensive Monitoring Capabilities of any DNS Provider

NS1 leverages the best, most accurate user, network and infrastructure telemetry, including metrics captured directly from eyeball networks in real time.

The NS1 platform includes built-in, integrated monitoring that gives you control over what assets to monitor, how they are monitored and with what frequency. This gives you the power to set up up a responsive and sophisticated health check that feeds immediately into the NS1 traffic management system.

Drive real-time routing decisions from native, internal, or third-party services

In addition to NS1's built in monitoring capability, you can direct up/down alerts from New Relic, Catchpoint, Amazon CloudWatch, Pingdom, and other major monitoring providers into your NS1 traffic management system. Finally, you can push data straight from your systems to our modern and lightweight REST API, giving you full flexibility to use the monitoring data that is best for your business. Use this telemetry with the Filter Chain to adjust traffic routing policies in real time, all the time.